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My parents were fabulous, teaching and exemplifying outstanding American conservative responsible values of patriotism, honest hard work, inalienable rights and respect, opportunities for growth, and love thy neighbor through service ethics.  My parents were tough on me, requiring me to be accountable.  They were always interested in watching politics, news, and elections, indoctrinating me into conservative ethics such as limited regulations and government, fair tax reform, fundamental freedoms, always learning and growing, the importance of solid families, serving others.  My upbringing economically was poor but extremely content.  I've consistently embraced and espoused the ethics I learned from my parents.
Philosophically, I am pro-business and for limited regulations, for freedom of speech and private property rights, low taxation and limited efficient government (laissez-faire), pro-life, for 2nd amendment gun rights, for sensible flexible education with freedom of school choice, for police support, for regulatory reforms for zoning and education...I am a true conservative who highly values our founding father's constitution.  These are some areas of concern that I hope to address and in addition, if elected, I will find and eliminate barriers preventing my neighbors from realizing their God-given rights to success and advancement.
With my very long-time knowledge of Kalispell, I believe that I am uniquely qualified with my non-profit experience, my time in business management and administrative work, my experience with helping hurting people and working to try to make their lives better, my long time family connections and my vested interest in the future of this beautiful area.  I'm very financially and emotionally motivated to do what's best for our people here (which, of course, include my kids and grandkids -- who all live locally here in House District 8!)



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